Stop Junk Mail

I hate junk Mail!  That is why I went to the trouble to clear my own kitchen counters and lighten the load on my recycling bin.

I am sharing what I learned (and did) with you - so that you may similarly benefit.  

This is a free service, and I will gladly offer you a full refund if you don't feel that you are getting your money's worth. ;)

Generally, events in your life trigger junk mail.  Those events include:
Buying a home, refinancing a loan, having a baby, starting a business, retiring, etc.
If you have not had a recent triggering event, you will likely not have as much junk mail.

Please also note, that some people really like getting coupons and catalogs.  If those publications are of value to you, you will want to take care not to turn off too much.


I may have helped you already to opt out of the following local coupon senders -
* PennySaver
* ValPak Coupons
* ValAssis (They send RedPlum, and sell data to others)


If not, you can download the attached document, complete and mail per the instructions.

With that as a good start, here are more ways to get off the junk-mail lists:

Local Coupons
RedPlum is a local coupon producer.  The parent company is ValAsis.
This company sells mailing lists to businesses, political campaigns, etc. Opting out is free.

Direct Marketing Association
This site is probably the most powerful of all for reducing junk mail. Choose what you want - I chose to opt out of all. Represents over 3600 Marketers around the world. At the bottom of each section (Catalogs, Magazine Offers, Other Mail offers)  there is a button to remove from all offers. The section titled 'Credit offers' will take you to an outside site - which is the DMA Choice site listed next. Opting out from this service is free.

Pre-screened Credit Offers
Please note that there is a way to opt out for 5 years electronically, or forever by starting online, then printing and sending a letter. Opting out of this service is free.

Catalog Choice
Choose which catalogs you want, or send requests to turn them off. This application is free.

PaperKarma App
Take photos of incoming junkmail address labels - they then handle the rest.
Available through the iPhone AppStore.

What we can't yet fix....
One of the biggest current sources of Junk Mail is through the USPS program known as EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail). There is currently no easy way to opt out of this service, since marketers pay to deliver to every house in a postal carrier route. I don't yet have an easy answer for this challenge!


I hope that this helps you in some little way.  I am always happy to share what I know, and share my well-vetted resources with you as well.

Should you have house questions, please feel free to call.  I am generally most available for 'office hours' on Wednesdays & Fridays before noon.

If you have junk mail strategies, vendors or resources that you want to share with me, I am always open to that too.

Please do feel free to share this article with your family and friends.


- Ben Olsen