Relocation Done Right

Relocating to a new community can be a big challenge, no matter the zip code.  In Lamorinda, buyers these days are faced with the added stress of a very limited inventory of homes and the pressure to make a decision in an equally limited amount of time.  The Olsen Team understands the stress of buying in a new and unfamiliar community, sometimes without having days or weeks to think about it before making an offer.

Many of The Olsen Team’s clients are making the move to the San Francisco Bay Area because of a job assignment, reassignment or new job altogether.  Perhaps you’ve conducted a wide search of the region.  But, you’ve found that there are very few communities that have all that Lamorinda has to offer:  a reasonable commute, excellent schools, great neighborhoods and a friendly community.

After deciding to focus your home search in Lamorinda, the next challenge for you is deciding who will help you find your dream home.  Before you move, you should know that you ALWAYS have a choice when selecting a realtor.  Relocation companies may have some resources to offer, but their realtors may not be best suited to help with the unique Lamorinda real estate market.  Often times, their realtors aren’t even local.  You can do better!  Have you ever noticed how much easier things are when you have a local guide?

The Olsen Team is local.  Sue has lived in the area since 1973, and has been selling real estate in the community since 1977.  Ben was raised in Orinda, and now lives in Moraga.  Together, Sue and Ben have sold several hundred homes in Lamorinda, more than any other agent or team in Lamorinda since 2000.  The Olsen Team knows the schools and the neighborhoods, traffic patterns, weather patterns, and the social patterns of the communities.  Once you get here, we can recommend doctors, dentists, preschools, restaurants, shopping, gardeners, contractors, and more.    

We’re not just realtors.  We are your local consultants and advisors, too.

We are far more interested in selling you the right house rather than just any house.  We want you to buy the home that makes sense for you.  If our job is done well, we know that we can rely on you for a glowing review and referrals to friends, family and neighbors.  We also know that finding you a good house means it will be easier to sell when you’re ready to move up, move down, relocate or retire to a sunny beach.    

What we do for the relocation buyers

Get to know you at an initial meeting - not just how much you have to spend, but what you like, how you live, and what would make this move a success.  

Answer the phone - from the beginning, we will be available to you by phone, email and text to answer your questions.

Access to MLS - our deeper search capabilities allow you to see not just active properties on the market, but pending and sold listings as well.  You can save property listings, and we can also trade notes about them.  We can usually narrow the neighborhoods for you fairly quickly - and show you those that will work best for you.   

Rent First? – we will help you consider rental opportunities in addition to your purchasing options.  If you have school-aged kids, we believe it is very important to find a rental in a neighborhood or school zone where you are likely to later find a suitable home to purchase.  Many rentals today are handled on Craigslist or other rental listing sites - we can still advise you on neighborhoods, fair pricing, and anything we may know about the landlord or history of the home.  

Drop Everything - we know that you may visit from out of town with a limited window of time. When you do, our team will make it a priority to make your visit as productive as possible.  The Olsen Team will make your move and new life in Lamorinda a success.

We have negotiated the successful relocations of employees and executives at a number of Bay Area companies, including: Chevron, Gensler, Allied World Assurance, John Muir Health, Union Bank, Blackrock/iShares, Wells Fargo/Wachovia, Celgene, Chase Bank, The Vail Group, The Golden State Warriors, Asiana Air, Woodside Hotels and many more.  

Questions about relocating? We have answers, call us today - (925) 200-6000.


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